Removing a window is necessary for replacement or for replacing a door handle assembly.

Applies To

  • All Model S vehicles

Tools Needed

  • 10mm wrench or 10mm deep socket (deep socket preferred).
  • Headlamp
  • Small screwdriver (any kind)


  1. Remove interior door panel.
  2. Lower window half way down.
  3. Start at the rear of the door, through the main central opening. To the rear of the black window track is a silver clamp with a 10mm nut. Loosen nut with 10mm wrench or 10mm deep socket (preferred) to allow the back portion of the window glass to release. The rear of the window, when sufficiently loosened, should easily move up when gently pulled.
  4. A latch becomes visible through a long oval access port towards the front part of the door. The oval port is underneath two connectors (purple and tan). Disconnect these connectors and remove a vertically oriented rectangle wind barrier to reveal the oval access port and the window latch within. You might need to move the window a bit up and down until you can see the black plastic assembly that holds the forward portion of the glass window.
  5. With your headlamp, locate a small circle near the lower part of the housing. Press this small circle with a screwdriver (or anything smaller than the hole that can depress it) while gently pulling upwards at the front of the window glass.
  6. The front part of the window should move up and down fairly easily.
  7. When the rear and forward clamps are free, pull the glass out gently and evenly. Rotate the glass clockwise away from the front of the car in order to free the rear metallic section of the window from the window slot.
  8. Lift up the window switch, as if to raise the window (which is now removed) all the way. This prevents the window clamp from obstructing where you need to work.

To replace window, follow steps in reverse order.

Note: When putting the window halfway back down, ensure the front circle latch is fully reengaged and the rear of the window is seated fully in its clamp. If the window is not fully seated, it will go to the top and then travel all the way down when you try to raise it. Seat the glass all the way down, verify operation, and then tighten the rear clamp. Make sure it won’t move out of place. Do the same with the front of the window after it’s latched in its housing.

References and Citations

This entry was documented by TMC user KIKGAZ. The original version can be found here.