Removing a door handle assembly is necessary to replace a broken microswitch or paddle gear.

Applies To

  • All Model S vehicles

Parts Needed

  • 2 replacement wind barriers (recommended, part # unknown)

Tools Needed

  • T20 screwdriver
  • 10mm socket and extension


  1. Remove interior door panel.
  2. Option A: Remove window. Option B: Retract the exterior handle into the assembly using the adjustment screw. This provides the necessary clearance to remove the assembly without having to remove the window.1
  3. Use T20 screwdriver to remove perimeter screws on the door. Let the door controller hang below the opening once removed. Access door through the covering.
  4. Remove the wind barriers from the door assembly. Replace with new ones upon reinstallation if possible so they don’t fall off.
  5. Remove the top-front nut via the circular access port with a 10mm socket and extension.
  6. Remove the lower-front nut through the large central opening.
  7. Remove the lower-rear nut by feel through the central opening.
  8. Remove the upper-rear bolt through the top-rear opening (where the rubber trim piece sits at the base of the window opening).
  9. Remove the covering gasket from the back of the door handle assembly.
  10. Snip the two zip ties holding the main power/communication cable in place at the bottom of the handle assembly.
  11. Disconnect the cable at the connector.
  12. Remove the handle assembly.

To replace assembly, follow steps in reverse order. When tightening assembly nuts, use credit cards or a similar spacer between handle and door to ensure it is properly centered. You can make the handle flush with the door via the center screw in the handle basket.

References and Citations

This entry was documented by TMC user KIKGAZ. The original version can be found here.

  1. Thanks to TMC user Xenoilphobe for this tip